Welcome to Oliveria, a unique, charming, and secluded venue for events!

About Oliveria

Located in Halkidiki, only a driving hour away from Thessaloniki International Airport, it is one of the best-hidden event venues for weddings, corporate gatherings, or private dinners with friends. Placed among olive and pine trees, Oliveria feels like a serene outdoor oasis, with a Mediterranean vibe. In harmony with nature, it has all the features of a secluded retreat. The venue combines ease of accessibility with complete privacy, in a setting of alluring natural beauty.

All your senses will be delighted by this magic destination, where we welcome up to 100 guests on an event basis.

It’s not just the fine tavern dining, the food sharing, the delicacies and potions being served, or the exclusive, intimate atmosphere by the seaside. The breathtaking view of Mount Athos, the sound of the sea waves, the Greek culture, and the vacation mood, all make Oliveria your perfect Greek destination for an unforgettable, idyllic event.

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The Experience

At Oliveria, we understand that hospitality is about much more than just serving excellent food and drinks. It’s about taking your taste buds on a tailor-made Greek culinary journey while providing an unforgettable experience for all of your senses.

Experience the magic of a Mediterranean wedding at Oliveria, where the stunning views of the Aegean Sea and the holly mountain Athos provide the perfect backdrop for your outdoor ceremony. Savor the flavors of contemporary Greek cuisine and immerse yourself in the culture and local traditions with a complete dining experience. From custom cocktails and instagramable lounge areas to fireworks, artistic moments and romantic catamaran excursions, every detail at Oliveria has been carefully crafted to make your wedding or your event an unforgettable celebration of love and joy.


We invite you to explore our portfolio of events, find true inspiration, and discover the many ways in which we can bring your vision to life. From intimate dinners and corporate gatherings to exciting weddings and cultural immersions, our team is dedicated to creating memorable and meaningful experiences for all of our guests.

It’s the personal touches that we add to every aspect of your event: from the warm welcome, and the attentive service throughout the meal to the cozy atmosphere that surrounds you, we strive to create a sense of belonging and comfort that you won’t find at any other venue.

Take a look at some of the events we have had the pleasure of hosting over time and get a sense of the level of creativity and attention to detail that goes into every event at Oliveria. It acts as a testament to our completed mission as event planners: designing tailor-made magical moments in a serene outdoor oasis.

So come and let us treat you to a truly unforgettable experience at Oliveria, where the hospitality is as exceptional as the food and drink. We look forward to helping you plan your next special occasion.

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